Proudly Introducing The Threedom Coaches.  Below You Will Find Our Experience and Credentials, and Get to Know Us That Little Bit Better!

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  • International Consultant

  • Course Creator

  • Crypto trader

  • Network Marketing trainer

  • Kiteboard Business Owner

  • Online Coaching Business  Owner

  • Podcast Producer

  • Motivational Speaker

  • Community Leader

  • Snowboarding Instructor 

  • 20 years Engineering experience

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  • International Consultant

  • NLP

  • Emotional Intelligence trained

  • Online Coaching Business  Owner

  • Motivational speaker

  • LLB Law Degree

  • LLM Masters in Law

  • Legal Practice Course

  • Swimming Coach

  • 14 years previous corporate experience


  • International Consultant

  • NLP

  • Emotional Intelligence trained

  • Online Coaching Business Owner 

  • Course Creator

  • 7 Published works of Fiction in Print

  • PADI Divemaster

  • A Community Leader of over 1k people

  • Podcaster Speaker

  • 16 years of industry experience

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Kylee trained for years to become a lawyer. Studying hard and dedicating herself to any activity that would strengthen her legal CV.  She knew she wanted to help people and change the world; and thought law was the path to do this...

Kylee spent years working until late in the night, early mornings trying to prove her worth, stressing over unrealistic deadlines, and drowning in her task list. Then, as the years went on, her confidence dropped, and she didn't feel her ideas were worth mentioning.

It got to a point where she struggled every morning just to get out of bed.


Discovering coaching was that magic moment.  Filled with passion and excitement in the pursuit of helping others meant rediscovering her potential and becoming a high performer again.  Now Kylee's mission is to help others find their purpose and implement their dreams and aspirations.

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After many years roaming the planet, Dean felt completely lost and purposeless.  Working in jobs he couldn't stand; he would escape through travel and look for freedom in faraway places.

Paralysed by the idea that he wasn't good enough to specialise in fields he felt passionate about.

After years of feeling like a failure, Dean found coaching and managed to untangle years of unhelpful behaviours and was able to see himself and the world in a completely different light.


With coaching techniques and business experience, he now looks to help those create a powerful mindset so they too can leave the jobs they are not passionate about and do something they are proud to put their name to. 



For 22 years Jamie was stuck in a career he never wanted in a life he never designed. Everyone was always telling him how lucky he was but he was far from feeling that way.


Jamie didn't know what he wanted and worse yet he didn't know how he was going to escape. The day he took a leap of faith and left his career was the day he finally started figuring out who he was and what he needed to be fulfilled in his life.


This journey of Jamie's has been far from easy but he is here today to share with you his story and to support and inspire you to start yours.

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