Here at The Threedom Coaches, we believe that anyone can go off and achieve extraordinary things.


We've seen time and again that anybody, no matter their background, education level, or income status, has the potential to go off and create an incredible business.


Here are some of our students who did just that.

Anita's business wasn't growing at the rate she knew it could.  Now Anita has a clear direction on who her clients are and how to attract them to her business.

Rachel had no idea what direction she wanted to go and came out of our course with a clear direction on being a calmness and anxiety coach.

Sam went from wishing she could leave her 9-5 to growing a dog walking business in under 3 months.  Now it's a question of when is she going to leave her 9-5

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My business has skyrocketed within 3 weeks. I've been thinking about doing this business for a couple of years, tried lots of groups and lots of different courses but only this one has made an impact on me I've gone from strength to strength with the help of these guys all with something different to add to the table.


They have helped me in their unique ways with different aspects that I've needed guidance on, I'm amazed at myself and my achievements so far that I'm actually emotional right now.

I've had doubts and fear but when I start to have these thoughts and feelings I know I can just send any one of these 3 amazing people a quick message and I'll get the support I need, all 3 parties of the threedom coaches are just a message or zoom call away, my mindset has always been at the forefront with these guys and of course, me, that has had a massive impact on how I've pushed myself with this journey of mine.


I'm sure I will be challenged and fear will hit me in the face a few times along the way but now I have found Kylee Hurrell Jamie Cote and Dean Middleburgh aka The Threedom Coaches, I will reach my destination and beyond, I will never be without a coach now NEVER so again thank you so much for always being there, for all the support you give us all, for genuinely caring and wanting the best for us.

Samantha Michalski



And so my journey into my purpose and a new life begins. I literally cannot wait to see what the future holds. Massive Thank you to The Threedom Coaches; your knowledge is infectious, and I cannot wait to learn more.

Rachel Young



I just got off from an amazing Call with Jamie, I am so happy and grateful to learn the other side of the reality of life. I feel like I am on cloud 9, listening to all the 'aha' moments I never learned from school.

Cyvill Stewart


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