The Threedom Coaches - The Business Starter Kit

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Learn How To Ditch Your 9-5 & Create A Life Of Freedom.. EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE IN BUSINESS...

This Mini Course Will Give You The Confidence And The Tools To Set Out The Next Steps To Create Your Very Own Online Business


  • Do You Feel Sick And Tired Of Working A Job That Has No Meaning?

  • Do You Have A Passion That You Would Love To Share And Make An Income From?

  • Do You Wish To Wake Up Every Morning With A Sense Of Purpose And Excitement?

  • Do You Dream Of Having The Freedom To Live And Work From Anywhere In The World?

  • Do You Find Yourself Earning Far Less Than You Deserve?

  • Do You Want To Add Value To Not Only Your Life But Those Who You Help?

  • Do You Want To Start Your Own Business, Pick Your Own Hours And Control Your Income?

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You were told to get a job, be happy with what you have and spend the rest of your life working to make someone else's dream become a reality...

You slowly realised that there is another way to live your life

You felt that despite what most people were doing, this path wasn't yours to walk...

You felt you were deserving of much more, and you were meant for something far greater...

You Want Freedom

More Fulfilment 

More Money

More Free Time

More Opportunities

More Choice

It isn't easy to know where to start or who to turn to. When taking the first step, fear and a lack of clarity prevent you from moving forward. Beliefs about your ability and if you are good enough creep in, and you end up playing it safe and not taking action.


Social Media is full of young entrepreneurs travelling the world and making a good income from their laptops, and you feel that this reality is out of your reach.


The thing is, it really isn't...


This lifestyle is closer than you think!

If we can do it... so can you! 

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  • How To Change The Way You Approach Business

  • How To Remove Limiting Beliefs And Become Empowered

  • How To Take Action & Create A Success Cycle​

  • How To Use Language To Get What You Want Out Of Life

  • How To Build A Winning Confidence To Succeed

  • How To Improve The Quality Of Your Life​

  • How To Take Action And Get Moving

  • How To Use Time Management to Be More ProductivePeople's

  • How To Improve Your Powers Of Communication​

  • How To Stop Thinking Like A Victim​

  • How To Remove Your Employee Mindset 

  • And Most Importantly… How To Use These Skills To Start A Business And Inspire Others


My business has skyrocketed within 3 weeks. I've been thinking about doing this business for a couple of years, tried lots of groups and lots of different courses but only this one has made an impact on me I've gone from strength to strength with the help of these guys all with something different to add to the table.


They have helped me in their unique ways with different aspects that I've needed guidance on, I'm amazed at myself and my achievements so far that I'm actually emotional right now.

I've had doubts and fear but when I start to have these thoughts and feelings I know I can just send any one of these 3 amazing people a quick message and I'll get the support I need, all 3 parties of the threedom coaches are just a message or zoom call away, my mindset has always been at the forefront with these guys and of course, me, that has had a massive impact on how I've pushed myself with this journey of mine.


 I will never be without a coach now NEVER so again thank you so much for always being there, for all the support you give us all, for genuinely caring and wanting the best for us.

Samantha Michalski




How to identify limiting beliefs that you have carried for years even if you feel that don't have what it takes to be successful!


How to embody certain behaviours that are going to propel in business even if you feel you have a lot of bad habits!


How to not let the concept of perfectionism paralyse you even if you are stuck in your current situation!


How to set realistic goals and map out your future plans even if you don't have big dreams or aspirations!


how to ditch your employee mindset and start to think like an entrepreneur even if you worked 9-5 all of your life!


How to begin the process of leaving your old life behind and to a new exciting future, even if you believe it isn't possible!

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  • You Will Learn The Basics Of Online Business And How You Can Build Your Own

  • The Biggest Barriers And Fears That Hold So Many Back From Wanting To Do Something They Are Passionate About

  • How To Take Imperfect Action And Take The First Steps To Creating An Online Business

  • Breaking Down Beliefs That You Are Not Good Enough Or Smart Enough To Become An Entrepreneur 

  • A Road Map Outlining How To Start And Common Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make, So You Don't Have too!

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  • 3 Hours Of Powerful Mindset & Strategy Training With Dean, Jamie and Kylee

  • 1:2:1 Deep Dive Coaching Session

  • Lifetime Access to Private Community

  • Certificate of Excellence:

  • 1:2:1 Accountability Buddy

  • Access To Special Material


3 Hours Of Powerful Mindset Training
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VALUE $497
1:2:1 Deep Dive Coaching Session
VALUE $397
Lifetime Access to Our Private Community
VALUE $497
Certificate Of Excellence On Course Completion
1:2:1 Accountability Buddy
Access To New Material
VALUE $497

Total Value = $1,888
Usual Price = $495
Promotional Price = $47
**Subject to change & for a limited time only**

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The Beauty Of This Course...

Is Your Can Start Right Away! The Trainings Will Be In Your Members Area.  This Means You Can Start Building Your Future Right Now!

This Could Be The Most Important Decision YOu Make This year!

Time Is Precious, And We Don't Want You To Be In The Exact Place 1 Year, 2 Years, 5 Years Down The Road.  Invest in Your Future, Invest In Your Greatest Asset... YOU! 


Not only will you have access to powerful training...

But you will be able to have a 1:2:1 Deep Dive Coaching Session with one of us!

This service alone is worth more than $47!

If you're looking to get ahead but don't know quite who to turn to or where to start...  

Get yourself onto The Business Starter Kit and let's get you moving TODAY.



We know you’ll love this course and are so confident that it will get your results that we will offer not 1, not 2, but 3 fully protected guarantees to ensure there is absolutely no risk for you whatsoever.  We take all the risk so you have complete confidence that this course will work for you! 

Guarantee #1 Love at First Sight:

If you don’t believe that this is the absolute best investment you’ve ever made in yourself, simply email me within your first 14 days and I'll refund you 100% of your investment. No questions asked.

Guarantee #2 The Free Upgrade:

If you finish the course and you didn’t feel it gave you absolutely everything you needed (this is very unlikely), I'll jump on a private 1:2:1 call with you and get you where you need to be!

Guarantee #3 No Win No Fee:

If you go through the course material, do the exercises that I’ve set out for you and 60 days after completing the course, you somehow haven’t been able to get results, we'll provide you with a full refund.


And so my journey into my purpose and a new life begins. I literally cannot wait to see what the future holds. Massive Thank you to The Threedom Coaches; your knowledge is infectious, and I cannot wait to learn more.

Rachel Young



I just got off from an amazing Call with Jamie, I am so happy and grateful to learn the other side of the reality of life. I feel like I am on cloud 9, listening to all the 'aha' moments I never learned from school.

Cyvill Stewart



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We understand that the idea of moving in a new direction can be daunting. Many people stop themselves from moving towards their dreams because of fear, failure, rejection or maybe all three. 


But ask yourself, how much has this already cost you?  How much is it going to cost you in the future?  

How will you feel by not taking action and looking back at what might have been?

By Not


But here's the thing… What do you risk if you don't take risks?

You risk looking back on your life with a deep sense of regret.


Regret that you didn't:

  • Take That Opportunity.

  • Changed The Way You Approach Life

  • Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

  • Improve Your Life and The Lives Around You

  • Become Your Own Boss

  • Make An Impact On The World

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Which is why, not only can YOU become the best version of yourself right now, but you can make a massive impact in the lives of others no matter your passions or interests.

We want to work with you to create that life of freedom to work whenever and wherever you want as long as you have an internet connection and a laptop or smartphone.

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Do I have to put down 20% or more to buy a home?

Nope! We have all kinds of programs that require less than 20% down. In fact some loan programs require zero down payment if you meet specific guidelines. Call me to find out more! Get in Touch!

How do I start the process of getting a home loan?

It's easy, if you have about 15 minutes, that's all it takes to complete the online mortgage application. This gives us the big picture informatoin so that we can work up your options for you. If your not sure what to put for some of the info, don't worry about it, we will give you a call and go over everything by telephone to make sure you are all set for your new home. The application never obligates you to anything and there is no cost or fees to complete it. To get started just jump to the application! Or for even more information about the whole process check out our Getting Started Page

What documents will be required to get a home loan?

It can vary depending on the type of loan you qualify for but typically we will need proof of income and assets and basic identification like a drivers license. Once your application is completed you will receive a customized list specific to your loan type by email. And don't worry, if there are any items that you can not provide we can often order it for you or find an alternative to provide the necessary documentation. To get started now just jump her to complete the application!

What is the difference between interest rate and APR?

I know it is confusing, but the interest rate is the actual cost of borrowing the money for your home loan. The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) includes both the cost (interest rate) plus any additoinal costs or prepaid finance charges. The interest rate is what will determine your monthly payment and the APR does not have any effect on your payment . Think of the APR as a univeral measurement to show you what the costs of your mortgage are.

What are closing costs?

Closing costs include items like appraisal fees, title insurance fees, attorney fees, pre-paid interest and documentation fees. These items are usually different for each customer due to differences in the type of mortgage, the property location and other factors. Don't worry, we'll get you estimates related to different loan programs and options so that you can make an informed decision on what is the best option for you and your family. Then you just give us the nod and we'll get the ball rolling for you.

What can I use as a down payment to buy a house?

When it comes to down payment you have several options but the funds you use have to be verified and sourced. So in this case "Cash IS NOT King". Typically borrowers will use funds that have been "seasoned" in their bank account for a period of time (normally at least 60 days). Other acceptable sources of down payment are:

  1. Gifts from family members
  2. Inheritance
  3. 401k or retirement account
  4. Sale of personal property (car, boat, etc)
  5. Business funds
  6. Tax Refunds
  7. IRA Withdrawal
  8. Withdrawal from Life Insurance Policy
  9. Sale of Stocks/Bonds/CD's/Mutual Funds
  10. Down Payment Assistance / Grant Programs
If you've got one that's not on the list, give us a ring and let's see if we can use it!

When should I get qualified?

I always say be pro-active and get pre-qualifed first. Think of it as determining your credit limit before you go shopping. This way if you stumble accross that dream home you'll be ready. Plus if your looking for homes that may be above your credit limit it sets the expectations and makes it hard to find a home you like when you drop down to another price point. Be sure to ask about our "Get Offer Ready" program where a little pro-active planning on your part can set you apart from everyone else and help you win the home in a multiple offer situation!
Ready to be pro-active, jump here to start the application!

Which type of mortgage is best for me?

That's a great question! And one that we can't answer just yet... but we will. There are so many different types of mortgages and within that so many different ways to structure the loan. Once you have applied, one of the first steps is to get in contact with me and do an "overview consultation" where we get some info from you about your top priorities, goals, preferrences, etc. We'll ask you questions about your future plans as well as your short term and long term goals and then work up a mortgage report for you to review. This is just our starting point to give you some numbers to review and compare as we dial in the best optoin for you based on your unique situation. You'll love it! Get in touch!

Are there programs for First Time Home Buyers?

Yes there are! We have several programs for first time home buyers. Most programs do require other parameters be met, wether it be geographic location, income, etc. They are a great way to get into a new home and often require less down payment or lower credit guidelines to qualify. Give us a call and let's talk about them! Get in touch!

How long does it take to get a mortgage?

It will vary from lender to lender with some shops needing 45-60 days to complete the mortgage process. We feel like our system is more efficient than most and our standard timeline is 21 days from when you submit the necessary paperwork to us. We can do it faster if needed but would need to check with processing and underwriting capacity to determine how fast! Just let us know what you need and most likely we can accomodate your timeline.

Do I need to find a home before I apply?

Absolutely not! Getting started before you find a home may be the best thing you could do! Most sellers won't accept your offer without a pre-qualification letter from us and we would hate to see you miss out on that dream home because someone else put in an offer while you were applying. Not to mention when you do put in that offer and you provide that pre-qualification letter from us, a local mortgage bank, with a great reputation, it gives you an edge over the competition and could save you money and time! Ask me about our "Get Offer Ready" program where we get you all set in advance and give you an edge when it comes to your new home negotiations!

Do I need a great credit score?

There are some definate advantages to high credit scores but it doesnt mean you can't still buy a new home. We have loan programs that are eligible to be underwriten down to a 580 FICO and we will look at all your options to get you the best mortgage. The best interest rates do go with the best scores so we'll also analyze your credit to see if there are any quick changes that may give you a better score and ultimately a better deal.

Does my spouse's credit score matter?

It will depend. If your husband or wife are listed as a co-borrower then we must consider their credit scores and debts. If you don't need your spouses income to qualify we may be able to exclude both their credit scores and debts for a conventional loan. For FHA and VA we can omit the score but do still have to include their debts to qualify. Let's talk about which option is best for you! Get in touch!

Can I get a mortgage loan if I'm self-employed?

Of course you can! A common misconception is that individuals who are self-employed cannot get a home loan but being self-employed just changes the documentation needed. In most cases the income is set based on the taxable income, either 1yr or 2yr average depending on the circumstances. The most common hurdle is due to self-employed borrowers writing off expenses to reduce their tax liability which can leave the documentable income lacking. Good news though! We have several options for self-employed borrowers from standard loan programs to some niche products where we determine income via most recent bank statements, assets and holdings, etc, as well. Tip: Plan ahead. Consider cutting back on your write-offs or saving more money for the down payment to offset the lower income number. We are happy to analyze your returns and let you know where you stand and help you create a plan for optimal finance options. Get in touch!

Should I go with a fixed rate or an adjustable rate (ARM)?

An adjustable rate means your interest rate and your monthly payment may vary after a specific period. Most commmonly after 5,7,or 10yrs. The payoff is that you can take advantage of lower interest rates. The risk: Your mortgage payment won’t be the same every single month once the fixed period ends. A fixed rate loan means the interest rate (and your payment) stay the same for the life of your loan. We'll go over this in detail when we talk and determine the best overall option for you!

What should I do to optimize my Credit?

Credit can be a tricky thing since the credit repositories keep much of their formula a closly guarded secret. It's their secret sauce you could say. However there are some basics to follow: 1. I highly recommend opting out of all the credit repositories. This can have an immediate impact on your credit score now but can also save you time, money and frustration down the line. Learn how to opt out here! 2. Make sure your payments are made on time. One single 30 day late can drop your scores by 100 points in some cases. Late payments can be devestating to your credit score and are very difficult to correct later. 3. Be aware of your credit usage. Up to 33% of your credit score is based on credit utilizatoin (the % of your available credit charged to your card). Typically the most ideal range is to never have more than 25% charged to your card. (ie: If you have a card with $1,000 in available credit and you have $600 charged to it, most likely your scores could improve dramatically by paying that down to $250 or less) Contact us for other questions or advice about how to manage your credit score!

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